Kingsman Beauty Day

‘What in the world does the Kingsman movie have to do with beauty?!’ you may have been wondering whilst watching Zukreat’s snapchat story. This is a very valid question as it is incredibly hard to imagine how an action movie has anything to do with makeup! However, this couldn’t be further from the truth…

On [insert date here] Zukreat was invited to the Ham Yard Hotel for a beauty day where the tables were adorned with delicious food and journalists rushed around with cameras and notepads. Zukreat was escorted into ‘Poppy’s Beauty Room’ where she was pampered for the day by professionals; these professionals weren’t from any of the beauty brands we normally hear about, they were ladies who work for Claudia Schiffer! Her nail technician and makeup artist were there to promote her new line of makeup and nail polish.

Each beauty influencer who attended was given a set which includes a soft, rosy pink blusher and a crimson red lipstick and after having a look at the products and having a feel of them I really wish I was invited too! The products are incredibly soft and are placed in simple yet sophisticated packaging; however, the small details on each of the products are what stands out the most for me. Claudia explained that her nickname is ‘Claudy’ and because of this she wanted to add details on the products that incorporated images of clouds and raindrops. On the top of the gold lipstick packaging, there is a subtle outline of a cloud, whilst on the actual lipstick, there are raindrops printed on the side; the blusher also has the same raindrops imprinted on it – talk about attention to detail! The blusher comes in a compact with a mirror for on the go use to enable the user to look fresh and flawless all day! 

Still, how does it all link together? For those who may not know Claudia is the executive producer on the Kingsman movies and the new movie, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ has a very interesting story line. I absolutely hate spoilers so for the people who are like me, I will try to keep what I say next as vague as possible…I promise you I will not give anything away! One of the settings in the movie, that is very key to the plot, is a beauty parlour and one of the characters is obsessed with everything hair, makeup and nails.  As Claudia is the executive producer on this movie, and the movie is filled with all things beauty, it was a perfect opportunity to have the two launch together; and what better way to celebrate the launch of new beauty products than with women who are in the industry?

Zukreat and the other beauty vloggers got a chance to meet Claudia and from what Zukreat told us back in the office, it was nothing short of inspirational. Meeting Claudia (as well as trying on the famous orange Kingsman jacket worn by the main character Eggy) was the best part of the day for Zukreat as she was reminded that keeping a solid network of family and friends, who make you happy, will keep you looking as good as Claudia does in the future.

If any of you are sceptical when trying new products (don’t worry I am too!) Zukreat can assure you that all Claudia’s products are made with the best ingredients by a large German company who have been in the business of making professional makeup since 1987! That is a looong time lol. This, coupled with Claudia having 30 years of experience in the fashion industry guarantees that the products emulate the formulas of the most premium products. Claudia is also keen on making sure that old and new trends flow and mesh together effortlessly which makes her products appealing to both older and younger ladies.

I think it is fair to say, that a) I really wish that I was invited, b) the Kingsman movie should be a really good movie and c) Zukreat was really honoured to have been invited to the pamper day and cannot wait to try the products and review them! So make sure you check out the ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ movie and keep an eye out for Zukreat’s upcoming review.