AOM Brand Ambassadors Program

Now YOU can become a Brand Ambassador for AOM Cosmetics!

You can now earn money for telling someone which eyeliner you’re wearing or why your highlight is poppin’; so long as they place their order through yourself, they get an exclusive discount and you get to earn some extra money just for sharing your secrets!

To qualify, all you have to do is purchase one of our two Ambassador packages; the Advanced Pro or the Pro Preference. Once you have these, you can show your family and friends exactly what our products can do for them!

For every order you place with us, you will get 30% off a minimum purchase of £200 (excluding sale items), allowing you to give your customer 10% off the RRP which means you make 20% on every product you sell. Before you know it, you will be earning all that extra money at times and places that suit you! Just for sharing your beauty secrets, EASY!

Example on single product:

Refill Cartridge Cost £12

You buy at 30 % off - £8.40

You sell at 10% off - £10.80

Your Profit - £2.40


Example on group of products –

1 x Eyeliner Pen - £24.95

1 x Refill Cartridge – £12

Quad of Eyeshadows - £20

1 x Foundation - £15

1 x Blusher - £12.50

1 x Contour Stick - £24.95

1 x Highlight Stick - £24.95

Total - £134.35


You buy at 30% off - £94.04

You sell at 10% off - £120.91

Your Profit - £26.87

If you received the above order for a group of products from 5 of your friends, your profit would be £134.35!

To register your interest and become part of the AOM Family, please submit your details below.